The complete query solution

Write flexible distributed software easier and faster than ever

Meet AskQL

The new open source query solution for developers

Next milestone after GraphQL and REST API

Fully expressive query and programming language

AskVM provides a secure sandbox environment

A lightweight library with a low memory footprint

Accelerates creating sophisticated programs

Complete query and programming language

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AskQL allows you to ask your service any complex question about the data.

Queries are made using AskScript, a simple and fully expressive programming language.

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Accelerated creation of sophisticated programs

Compared with other popular query languages on the market, AskQL is more versatile and allows developers to create sophisticated programs faster.

In this way it will significantly expedite your workflow.

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ask {
  const sumOfSquares = fun (a:int): int {
    const square = fun (a:int): int {
      a*a // equivalent of a:times(a) or times(a, a)

  score :times(3) :plus(1) :toString :call(fun(s) {
    const double = fun(s:string):string {
    s:double // same as s:double()
  }) :toInt :sumOfSquares

// for resources: { score: 2 }
// result is: 11858 

Virtual Machine for security

AskQL queries are interpreted on the server side by Ask Virtual Machine, a secure sandbox environment.

AskVM processes each request individually and decides which resources to give access to, based on the schemas and security policies which you define.

Lightweight and powerful

AskQL is a lightweight library with a low memory footprint. It is also highly efficient in terms of network latency and systems communication.

AskVM can be installed on devices with very limited memory capabilities, such as microwaves and fridges.

Open Source

AskQL is available under MIT License on GitHub.

We are happy to invite you to try it out, share comments and submit pull requests. Your feedback will be very helpful to the community.